San Blas Islands - Guna Yala

San Blas Islands - Guna Yala

San Blas Islands - Guna Yala

An island paradise in the Caribbean with unbelievable white dream beaches, the islands of the Archipiélago de San Blas - Guna Yala in Panamá.

Guna Yala Tour

Our day tour to the gorgeous San Blas Islands, started early in the morning at just after 5am. With a four-wheel drive jeep we were picked up directly at the hotel, after a few stops for other passengers, the 3 hour drive went over the mountains through the rainforest to Puerto Carti, the port for the crossing to the dream islands.

Since the Kuna people have control over their autonomous territory, they also organize the tours and transportation. To enter the region you have to pass a military checkpoint and pay 20 USD per person, Panameños pay 5 USD. The Kuna themselves live mainly on the larger islands, near the mainland e.g. on the island "El Porvenir".

Isla Perro - Shipwreck on the beach

Our trip to Isla Perro cost about $120 USD per person and included:

  • transport to and from the boat by 4x4 four-wheel drive vehicle
  • the boat transport with life jackets, sailor and captain
  • the island tour to Isla Perro (Dog Island), Isla Diablo (Niadup) and Starfish Island
  • snorkel masks
  • lunch with freshly caught fish and drink (water)

What is special about the San Blas archipelago?

The island paradise with crystal clear waters is a true dream. Fortunately, there is no big mass tourism in this unique Caribbean region (yet), also the land is not sold or leased by the Kunas, although a lot of billionaires keep suggesting offers. There is no electricity on the islands, rarely mains reception and no internet, except for a few small exceptions with solar and generator for electricity.

The many quiet islands and white sandy beaches therefore offer the ideal place to relax, best in a hammock between 2 palm trees.