Coclé, Penonomé and El Valle de Antón

Coclé, Penonomé and El Valle de Antón

Coclé - cloud forest, volcanic craters, resorts and Pacific beaches

Coclé shows the great diversity of Panamá, the largest inhabited volcanic crater in the world - El Valle de Antón, the Pacific beaches of Santa Clara, Farallón and the Playa Blanca Resort with the largest saltwater pool in all of Central America. The provincial capital is Penonomé.

Playa Blanca Resort

Panamá's most famous resort offers a variety of water sports and recreational activities and several restaurants. At the largest saltwater pool in Central America and on the beach, you can enjoy the sun and experience an unforgettable beach vacation with the all-inclusive offers.

Playa Blanca offers next to the hotel, a large selection of apartments, vacation and weekend homes, as well as a town center with restaurants and shops. Very new is the Ocean Mall, about 3km away, and via the "Scarlett Martinez International Airport" nearby, there are direct connections to Canada in the season.

Playa Santa Clara

El Valle de Antón

The picturesque mountain town of "El Valle de Anton" is located in the east of the province of Coclé and lies in the middle of one of the largest inhabited volcanic craters

in the world, "El Valle Volcano". Surrounded by the unique crater panorama, more than 7000 native Panameños and Indios live in the valley, but also many businessmen and politicians have their weekend and holiday domiciles there.

One of the prominent mountain formations in the west of the valley is the Sleeping Indian "La India Dormida".
As a landmark of the place, according to legend, the formation resembles the outline of a reclining Indian princess "Flor del Aire" (Air Flower).

Besides several hiking tours and rainforest excursions to the beautiful waterfalls in the area, there are chambers filled with hot thermal water in the valley basin. The special climate and the cloud forest have created a unique bird life, especially interesting for birdwatchers and nature lovers.

Other attractions and recreational activities in the valley include the El Nispero Zoo with a variety of animals and a large garden, an orchid center (Centro de Orquídeas), a butterfly and a snake house (Serpentario), an art and vegetable market, and the El Valle Museum.

Hotels in the region around Playa Blanca