Romoe Conservators Network

Romoe Conservators Network

Romoe Conservators Network

Old profession meets new technology - The combination of SITEFORUM® portal technology with the knowledge of restorers and the ideas of anuvito® merges to form the Romoe restorer network.

Romoe is the international network of experts with non-fiction texts and information on the topics of restoration, art and monument conservation.

For restorers

Present references and work in the conservator profile

Restorers and students in the field of conservation and restoration can publish their references free of charge in the Restorers' Network. The references of restoration projects and objects represent an excerpt or summary of a documentation, a diploma thesis or a professional/technical project. The conservators and restorers can present their references in great detail with their individual profile, update them at any time and connect with further experts.

For companies

Present products and services - make contacts

Service companies, manufacturers and suppliers of products in the field of restoration, conservation, preservation of monuments, museum supplies and all restoration needs can create detailed company profiles and establish contacts with restorers.

For organisations

Associations, initiatives, foundations, organisations and federations also have the opportunity to present themselves comprehensively.


Sharing and researching expert knowledge

One of our main goals is to make documentation or parts of documentation as well as theses available to the public. Because this part of restorative work represents a large fund of knowledge, but unfortunately mostly disappears in filing cabinets.

Romoe offers users on the web an insight into the work of restorers and gives potential clients an overview of the work that has been done and documented.

After registration, Romoe makes further information available only to specific professional groups or individuals. All members can establish contacts, create appointments, suggest internet links, comment on contributions, exchange private messages and discuss in forums.