Bocas Del Toro - Caribbean

Bocas Del Toro - Caribbean

Bocas Del Toro - Caribbean Coast in the North

The province of Bocas Del Toro is located on the northern Caribbean coast of Panama and includes several major islands in addition to the mainland. The island region Archipiélago de Bocas del Toro is considered a top tourist destination of Panama.

With its many gorgeous beaches, biodiversity, recreational opportunities and restaurants in Bocas Town with a Caribbean flair - Bocas Del Toro is a fantastic destination. Few places in the world have this special atmosphere.

This very region was my travel destination at the time and it was on the way there that I met my wife Mayra. This makes Bocas Del Toro something very special for us.

For a journey from Panama City there are for example these possibilities:

  • a 10 hours tour by bus to Almirante and then by boat to Bocas
  • a 6 hours tour to David with overnight stay and a 4 hours tour the next day with bus in direction Changuinola to Almirante, then with the boat to Bocas
  • a 1 hour flight with AirPanama directly to Bocas Town

With sailboats or yachts you can also arrive directly and moor in the port of Bocas Town. Travelers who want to arrive with their own car can take the ferry from/back to Almirante. Another road leads along the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica to Almirante. The boat or water taxi ride from the coastal town of Almirante to the main island of Isla Colon / Bocas Town takes about 25 minutes.

For a perfect vacation in Bocas, you can choose from luxury hotels, private island resorts, eco jungle lodges to small hostels.

Bocas Town

Leisure and vacation

The many recreational opportunities range from fishing on private boats, to action ziplining through the rainforest. You can go diving, snorkelling or surfing on the Caribbean waves in one of the most biologically diverse tropical coral reefs. Birds or sloths can be observed in the species-rich rainforest and in the nature reserves and dolphins in Dolphin Bay.

Our tip is a tour to the Cayo Zapatilla Islands, there you can relax on gorgeous sandy beaches and take time for a little walk through the jungle.

Cayos Zapatilla

Unique hotels in the province of Bocas del Toro

The islands

- Isla Colón with Bocas Town
- Isla Bastimentos
- Isla Carenero
- Isla Solarte

- Cayos Zapatilla
- Cayo de Agua
- Isla San Cristóbal
- Isla Popa
- Isla Pastores