Chiriqui, David, Boquete, Volcán, Cerro Punta

Chiriqui, David, Boquete, Volcán, Cerro Punta

Chiriqui - David, Boquete and Volcán Barú

In the west of Panama on the border with Costa Rica lies the province of Chiriquí. The most famous regions are Boquete, Cerro Punta, the Volcán Barú, the city of Davíd and the beaches.

Volcán Barú, Cerro Punta and surroundings

A large part of the food produced in Panama comes from the nutrient-rich region around the volcano Barú with a very mild high altitude climate. Thus, agriculture and agribusiness are of great importance in Chiriqui. In the highlands - Tierras Altas with over 2000m lies the village Cerro Punta, where most of the vegetables of the region are grown.


Another region near Barú Volcano is Boquete, where famous coffee is grown. The picturesque location, temperatures and natural surroundings make the town of "Bajo Boquete" very popular with Panameños, tourists and retirees from all over the world. There are also several customs and traditions, such as the Festival of Flowers and Coffee "Feria de las Flores y el Café" and "Feria de las Orquídeas".

Circuito del Café - Chiriqui

Coffee producers in the highlands of Panama have taken advantage of the microclimates of this region to produce the best coffee in the world.

Learn about the processes and live the mystical experience by tasting the flavors and aromas of the "Circuito del Café" in the highlands of Chiriquí province, home to the majestic Barú volcano, the highest point in the country at 3,475 meters above sea level.

David - Capital of Chiriquí Province

Now the third largest city in Panama, with the official name of "San José de David", David is an important hub along the Panamericana for trips to the highlands around Boquete and Volcán. One of the most historical monuments of the city is the catholic cathedral "Catedral de San José", it is located next to the "Parque Simón Bolivar". In the park "Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra Park" you can observe typical iguanas of the region, they are fed there as a tourist attraction from time to time. David is one of the hottest regions in Panama.


What started as a small project of folklorists has now become an international folklore festival, the "Festival del Almojábano" with traditional and cheese specialties.

Chiriqui - Land and People

The province has a variety of climates, from hot and humid lowlands to the cool and humid high mountains.

Until the arrival of the Spanish Conquistadors, the then larger region, Chiriquí was populated by a number of indigenous tribes (Guaymí). Indigenous inhabitants still live in this region today. Most of them now live in the present-day territory of Ngöbe-Buglé, which borders Chiriqui to the north. Historically, the region was also of interest to Abraham Lincoln, who decided that the province of Chiriquí in Panama would be an ideal place to establish an African-American colony.