Flora, flora and plant species

Flora, flora and plant species

Flora, flora and plant species

The variety of colours and species of plants, flowers and leaves is impressive.

Flowers and leaves - Flores y Hojas

Trees - Árboles

Palm trees - Palmeras

Plants and their fruits

Many tropical fruits are known as Europeans mainly from the supermarket, but how the actual plants and their fruits grow, this can be seen in the following pictures.

Bananas - Plátanos

In Europe one knows mostly only one kind of bananas, which are also called "Bananas" in Panama. In Panama, however, there are several types and also the preparation and use is different. For example, there are plantains "Plátanos Verde" which are processed as "Patacones" and the yellow plantains "Plátanos Maduros" which are cut into slices and fried.

Cashews - Marañón

Pineapples - Piñas

Avocados and mangos - Aguacate y Mangos

Tropical almonds - Almendras Tropical

These fruits come from the almond tree of the tropics. Many other names exist for it: e.g. almond tree Malabar (almendro malabar), Almendrón, The false Kamani, Egombegombe, Katappenbaum (Terminalia catappa), sea almond tree, Indian almond or Badam.