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BonitoPanamá is a new travel guide about the beauty and diversity of Panamá. We are Mayra and Mathias, got married in Panamá in August 2014 and report together about experiences and topics of #bonitoPanama.

Due to a new-found love of travel and adventure, I visited very good friends in Panama a few years ago and passed my PADI diving certification. The country of Panamá had fascinated me so much that I booked another flight the following year and traveled alone by bus across the country.

On the way to the city of David in the north, with the actual destination of the islands of Bocas-Del-Toro in the Caribbean, I met my wife Mayra. It didn't take long until we got married and now we travel together, depending on our financial means, between the countries of Panama/Germany.


Do you have any questions, suggestions or requests? You are welcome to contact us at any time:

anuvito GmbH
BonitoPanamá - Mathias Moeller
E-Mail: travel@anuvito.com

Phone Deutschland: +49 170 8979649
Skype: anuvito

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<a href="https://www.bonitopanama.com/" 
title="BonitoPanama - Panama Travel Guide">BonitoPanama - Panama Travel Guide</a>.
Discover the beauty and diversity from the country of Panama, on the new Travel Guide from BonitoPanama.
Discover the beauty and diversity of the country of Panama, on the new <a href="https://www.bonitopanama.com/"
title="BonitoPanama - Panama Travel Guide">Travel Guide from BonitoPanama</a>.
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