Fauna, wildlife and animal species

Fauna, wildlife and animal species

Fauna, wildlife and animal species

A paradise for nature lovers - the great variety of animals in Panamá is overwhelming.

Whales and Dolphins - Ballenas y Delfines

For several months of the year, whales swim in the Pacific Ocean off Panama's coast to give birth to whale calves and mate. It is an impressive spectacle when the whales emerge from the water, jumping or slapping the water with their fins. Especially in the months of July to October you can watch the humpback whales and sperm whales, then the animals move back to the cold waters of the polar circles. On the island of Contadora of the Pearl Islands (Las Perlas Archipelago), Coral Dreams, a center for marine and recreational activities, has been located for many years. It is an ideal starting point for whale watching (whale watching, hydrophone) in the Pacific.

In the Caribbean coast in the north of Panama you can watch dolphins almost all year round in the Dolphin Bay of Bocas Del Toro.

Underwater world

Fish and crustaceans - Pescados y Crustáceos

Birds - Aves

Internationally known is especially the Tucan for Panama. But there are also many other bird species in the rainforest region. The fast little hummingbirds are also nice to look at. The bird world of Panamá is with more than 900 species extraordinarily diverse and therefore a worthwhile destination for bird lovers.

Monkeys and Sloths - Monos y Osos Perezosos

Lizards, iguanas and crocodiles

Variety of colors

Animals in the countryside

Free-roaming horses (caballos) and cows (vacas) can be seen grazing in many places, and sometimes entire herds roam the rural countryside. The children enjoy driving the herds and they like to run after them. The actual owners know the places where they graze and then collect them again at some point - just real cowboys.

Throughout the country you see many dogs (perros) without owners. Some nights you can hardly miss the wild frolicking and yowling. In the countryside everywhere you can hear the roosters crowing from far away and close by, this country feeling is of course present in every country.